Our program at Luke and Friends offers care in a safe and nurturing environment. Allowing parents to have a worry free day while their children are in our care.  


We give  personalized care to all of our children and  help them in every area of a their development. We offer structured learning with variety of activities and follow a curriculum which enables each child to develop new skills at their own pace.


We provide opportunities for our families to be involved in our classroom. Offering both day care and preschool, you can send your child for a half day or full day.

Our program creates a unique experience for your child. Each teacher in the classrooms fills the day with homemade crafts and activities that make our center unique. We offer special events throughout the year and encourage family involvement.


Such as planned field trips to an apple orchard and holiday events including a family Thanksgiving feast. Parents are encouraged to come and visit and we are open to parent teacher relationships. 


Outdoor activities are encouraged daily including time on our new playground, nature walks, water play, and gross motor exercises on our acres of property.  Your child will do fun things with food, cook, bake, and make sensory materials like slime and play dough.


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